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Over the years, we have helped many people lose weight, combat premature aging, reduce risk factors and avoid a wide range of illnesses, especially ‘Civilization Diseases’ like type 2 diabetes. Here are the main areas of improvement commonly experienced by our participants after one to two weeks of fasting with FONDATION:

Weight management: weight loss of 2-4 kg after one week depending on initial body weight, slimmer waistline, appetite for whole food, greater control of unhealthy cravings, ability to resist excessive caloric intake.

Metabolic disorders: visceral fat reduction, normalized blood glucose level; improved cholesterol profile, insulin sensitivity, liver and cardiovascular functions.

Heart & circulatory systems: normalized blood pressure, stronger and more supple circulatory systems.

Joint & muscular-skeletal health: reduced joint and soft tissue rheumatism, e.g. lower back pain, hip and knee pain, improvement in gout conditions.

Gastrointestinal complaints: stronger digestion, less bloating, regular and improved bowel movement.

Fertility issues: regular menstrual cycles, less premenstrual tension, improved libido and erectile function, higher sperm count and quality, more responsive to fertility treatment.

Respiratory complaints: improvement in asthmatic and COPD conditions, e.g. wheezing, coughing, chest tightness.

Skin problems: clearing of acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and allergic reactions.

Sleep disorder: less frequent insomnia, better-quality sleep.

Fitness: higher level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Beauty from within: firmer skin, softer wrinkles, clear and glowing complexion, reduced puffiness, more defined contour, better posture.

Bodily and mental functions: improved sight, smell and hearing, stronger immunity, more resilient against stress, less nervous, fewer mental disturbances, better concentration, quicker and clearer thinking, greater creativity, significantly higher energy level and alertness.

Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.
Hermann Hesse
Siddhartha, 1922