guiding principles



1. 100% Natural

Wellbeing is best restored when your body is in harmony with nature. Working with your innate biorhythms, we use natural laxative, bowel massage, delicious fasting cuisine, and generous courses of mineral water and herbal teas to stimulate your body’s self-cleansing mechanisms.

2. Less Is More

A free and relaxed mind shifts the body’s orientation from ‘building’ to ‘rejuvenating’. Hence we advocate plenty of sleep, leisurely reading and gentle walks, especially during the first few days of your fasting program when inner body purification is your number one priority.

3. Food As Medicine

We do not serve juice or raw food that can encourage bloating, fermentation or yeast overgrowth in the bowel. Neither do we serve food containing cow-dairy or gluten which may trigger intolerance or allergic reactions. Instead, we use an alkalizing, low glycemic index fasting cuisine to help your body activate its self-healing pathways while minimizing muscle loss. Pre- and probiotic ingredients are also in strong focus to help your intestines rebuild a health- enhancing flora.

4. Total Devotion

For best possible treatment results and satisfaction, we ask that you follow our instructions completely and refrain from any activity that may undermine the success of your fast. This includes over exercising, staying up beyond 22:00, smoking, drinking, taking recreational drugs, or consuming food or beverages outside of your fasting program.

5. Knowledge Is Power

Because health is rooted in the way you eat and live, learning how to drop bad habits and nourish your body optimally is a critical element of your fasting experience at FONDATION. From one-on-one consultation to mindful eating workshops, afternoon talks and evening inspiration programs, we teach you intelligent ways to sustain the positive results of your fast long after you have left us.

Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
german playwright, poet, novelist, dramatist
(1749 - 1832)