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’Puppy fat’ is a myth. Research shows that children who are overweight in primary school are more likely to remain heavy or continue putting on excess weight in their teens and adulthood.

For parents who care to help their children avoid obesity and its related diseases, we offer special FONDATION retreats so they can fast with their children together.

Under our expert medical supervision and your guidance, your child can fast safely for one week. Alongside children in similar health conditions, your child avoids the unpleasant feelings of being stigmatized as unattractive or unwelcome.

Besides helping overweight children slim, we also teach them the fundamentals of healthy living:

  • Good nutrition
  • The danger of junk food, fruit juices and sugary beverages
  • Correct portion size and meal times
  • How to eat slowly and chew properly
  • How to enjoy whole foods
  • How to recognize fullness and the cues to stop eating
  • The importance of doing sports outdoor and the perils of a sedentary lifestyle.

Our goal is to equip children with the motivation and knowledge to live well so they can grow up to a life full of possibilities.

We as parents are our children’s first and best role models, and this is particularly true when it comes to their health.
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