preparing for your fast



Many people make the mistake of indulging themselves ‘one last time’ before they fast, believing that the damage from their excess will be cancelled out through fasting. Gluttony before fasting undermines your body’s capacity to regenerate and so spoils the precious healing opportunity you are about to commence.

For excellent renewal and lasting results, we recommend you follow our advice latest two weeks before you come fasting:

  • Stop smoking, drinking and recreational drug use
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and whole grains
  • Reduce consumption of animal protein
  • Avoid raw food like salad and fruit
  • Avoid food made with sugar, gluten and cow dairy
  • Replace dinner with a vegetable soup early in the evening
  • Go to sleep by 22:00 and rise before 7:00.

What to bring with you? 

Travel light and leave your worries behind. For your retreat at FONDATION you don’t need much more than what is on this short list:

  • Your most recent medical reports along with the medication you are taking
  • Clothing for walking and sports outdoor, and in case of weather changes, something warm and waterproof
  • Books you have always wanted to read
  • Your favorite music on a player with headphones
  • And perhaps a notebook to capture thoughts and inspirations that come your way.