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Set in locations of great natural beauty, our fasting retreats offer you a precious opportunity to leave your everyday stress behind. Under a never-ending sky, between shimmering waters and luscious trees, you can release your body’s deepest potential to achieve physical, mental and emotional regeneration.



Good Morning

Harnessing the vivavity of your body's circadian rhythm. FONDATION brings you posiive energy right from the start.


Inner Peace And Concentration

To support your detox organs and stimulate regeneration, we prescribe a ‘siesta’ at 11:30. During this time you will place a warm pack on your liver area and relish the sweetness of a rejuvenating sleep.



New Wisdom

Your fasting experience is further enriched by a series of talks on preventive and regenerative medicine. The invaluable advice you gain on healthy eating and vital living can be easily integrated into your everyday life, helping you sustain the benefits of your fast long after you have left FONDATION.


New Inspirations

Abstaining from food in the evening strengthens your body’s self-healing power and boosts your immunity.

After a delicious vegetable broth at 18:30, a selection of inspirational films and documentaries awaits you in the salon. Naturally, you can also relax in the company of your fellow guests or enjoy your pristine solitude beneath a wide, starry sky.


Fresh Beginning 

Every morning begins at 7:00 with an Epsom salt drink that helps your body self-cleanse. After a gentle guided walk, you will be greeted with a cup of warm tea followed by a healthy breakfast with fellow guests in a bright and pleasing salon.

Depending on the schedule we have personalized for you, you may meet our physician for a private consultation or enjoy a massage. Otherwise, you can take a leisurely stroll, a short swim, read or simply relax in the beauty of the hotel’s surrounding.




Mindful Eating

‘Al fresco’ or in the dining room, lunch at FONDATION is a precious moment of culinary delight and learning. Because mindful eating is key to healthy digestion and sustainable weight loss, we will coach you on specific techniques while you savor our delectable fasting cuisine created especially to enhance your body’s renewal.



New Harmony 

The afternoon is best spent in the magnificent space outdoor. Space - to free your mind, to recharge your batteries, to restore a new balance.
At the beginning of your fast, a short walk helps improve blood circulation. As your energy level rises over the course of the week, you can go jogging, cycling or hiking to train your heart and build on your physical condition.