participant cases



Our devotion to enduring health and genuine wellbeing has brought about numerous success stories. Here are a few examples:


Fan of traditional, rich food. Admitted to chocolate addiction. Sedentary lifestyle. Weight ballooned from 72kg when he was 18 to 94kg when he reached 42. Height 175cm, BMI 31. Concerned about rising blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat levels. Stopped swimming five years ago due to growing breathing difficulties when he exercised.

On his first FONDATION retreat, he went swimming after fasting for six days. Astonished by how good he felt afterwards, proclaimed spontaneously, ‘Feeling light, young and powerful after eating so little makes me realize how unhealthily I had been living the past twenty years”. Upon returning home, he changed his diet and started leading a more active lifestyle. Weight fell to 74kg six months later. All clinical tests showed a clean bill of health.


Long and stressful working hours. Often ate breakfast and lunch at work in front of her computer, sometimes dinner as well. Stable and normal weight but suffered from frequent intestinal bloating; also water retention around her midriff, upper arms and face. Menstruation was irregular, then stopped completely four months before coming to fast.

Two days into her first FONDATION retreat, menstruation resumed. On her final day, weighed 3kg lighter. Bloating disappeared completely. Midriff became flat again. Face and upper arms regained natural contours. Complexion brightened. Left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


High stress and frequent travel spurred food and alcohol indulgence. At 44, weight shot up to 86kg. Height 170cm, BMI 30. Developed type 2 diabetes four years ago. On insulin treatment and medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

On his second day of FONDATION fasting, blood pressure and blood sugar levels normalized without any of his usual medication. Lost 4kg after one week of fasting. Twelve months later weight stabilized at 73kg. Blood sugar and blood pressure levels stayed normal. Besides occasional soccer games on the weekends, also joined a gym and began weightlifting.

Mother & Housewife

After menopause at 53, gained 6kg over 3 years, mostly around the waist. Tried high protein low carbohydrate diets several times but weight bounced back every time. Suffered from IBS, chronic tiredness and low libido.

At her first FONDATION retreat, lost 2.5kg in one week. Felt rejuvenated. Took up jogging, Pilates and yoga. One year later, lost another 4.5kg. Now attends FONDATION fasting every year.

Corporate Executive

Excellent health, balanced and nutritious diet. Weighs 71kg since age 18. Competitive long distance runner since age 35. Races marathon at least once a year. Used to eat high carbohydrate meals, e.g. pasta, before a race and drank sugar beverages during the race.

After FONDATION fasting, transformed his eating habits completely. Now eats lightly and sometimes even fasts before he races. Instead of ‘hitting the wall’ on distances over 20km, a term which refers to sudden fatigue athletes experience when they run out of sugar reserves, his endurance and performance have both improved significantly.

Public Relations Manager

After second pregnancy at age 26, gradual weight gain of about 1kg every year, reaching 73kg at 42. Height 162cm, BMI 28. Tried many different diets with no success. Complained about lower back pain, especially after one hour of Nordic walking on weekends. Developed low self esteem, frequent constipation, restless sleep and chronic fatigue. Also pain in most of her finger joints.

After one week of fasting at FONDATION, significant reduction in lower back pain, complete disappearance of finger joints pain. Energy level surged.

Bar & Restaurant Owner

Former alcohol and illicit drug addict. Smoked 30 cigarettes a day. Weight went up from 60kg age 38 to 92kg age 50. Height 170cm, BMI 32. Suffered frequent back pain and anxiety attacks.

Three days into his first FONDATION fasting retreat, blood pressure normalized without any of his three usual blood pressure lowering medications. Experienced new sense of well-being with marked decrease in abdominal distention. Two years after his second FONDATION retreat, weight dropped to 75kg. Drug, alcohol and smoking addiction all cleared. Chronic back pain became tolerable. New found zest for life.


Sedentary lifestyle. Gained 10kg since promotion three years ago. High stress level. Snacked on biscuits, cereal bars and chocolate at work. Drank fruit juices in lieu of eating vegetables. Consumed two to three glasses of wine every evening. Relied on smoking to keep weight under control. Developed severe acne on face and back.

At FONDATION fasting retreat, difficulty passing stool the first two days. Condition improved by day three while acne began to calm. By sixth day acne healed. Skin smoothed and tightened. Rosy complexion. Revamped diet upon returning home. Stopped eating sugar and flour-based products. Limited alcohol consumption to two glasses of wine at weekends. Weight slowly declined. Lost all 10kg in 7 months.