what participants say

‘What a wonderful voyage into my innermost, which for the first time allows me to connect with my own body.’ Switzerland

‘Thank you for being such a terrific mentor, Dr. Wuerth. Not only did you look after my health, you gave me new motivation and knowledge to stay slim and live well. It’s been nine months since I returned from fasting and I am proud to tell you that I can once again fit into my dresses from twenty years ago!' France

‘This fasting week was for me an excellent experience - an attentive leader, a joyous group, fine hosts. I returned home body and soul purified.’ Switzerland

‘My experience of the fasting week has been one of sharing and personal rebirth. Now I respect my body. And even though, once in a while, my bad eating habits resurface, I find the power in me to accept my failure and pick up the fight again... by chewing slowly.’ Switzerland

‘I am both ecstatic and empowered by the results. The love handle around my waist is finally gone! I am full of energy. I look and feel 10 years younger.’ Hong Kong

‘After one week of fasting, I feel strong but at the same time light and relaxed. I feel like a teenager again, only with a bit more wisdom...’ Switzerland

‘One of the most striking experience for me during my fasting week was to notice how my cerebral capacity improved as time went on... The daily lectures also fascinated me. I came home with a much better understanding of my biology and how to best nourish myself.’ Switzerland

‘I have done juice fasting before but it left me feeling bloated every time. I am so glad I took up the FONDATION method. After one week my tummy was nice and flat. With your advice I have completely changed my diet. Now I feel and look great.’ United Kingdom

‘In the beginning I didn’t want to come fasting, but now I love it. St. Petersinsel on the Lake of Biel is tranquil and truly beautiful. After one week of relaxation and body-cleansing, I feel fresh and renewed. Thank you for the fabulous experience. I will definitely come again.’ Switzerland

‘Thank you for the wonderful time my husband and I had at your fasting retreat. You managed to make us feel like we were your only patients. To good health and longevity!’ Spain

‘Before I came fasting I gorged down my food like a machine. Now I pay attention to how I eat and what I eat. I choose food that is less caloric and more nutritious. Thanks to you I feel great.’ Switzerland

‘Thank you for a very special week. Your extraordinary combination of healing and teaching makes me rediscover myself. I look forward to the next FONDATION retreat.’ Singapore

‘The first few days of fasting were difficult... “What am I doing here?” I asked myself. After awhile my body got used to deriving energy from its reserves and I began to feel better. Then my body functioned without the burden of digestion, and all of a sudden my mood improved. The most surprising thing was to discover my body’s ability to thrive despite the lack of food... Amazing!’ Switzerland