Jean-Paul Wuerth, MD MBA

general medicine, internal medicine, endocrinology
swiss, born 1957



FONDATION is the culmination of Dr. Jean-Paul Wuerth’s medical, research and biotech experience over the last three decades.

A graduate of University of Zurich’s Medical School, Dr. Wuerth is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. Besides Switzerland, he has practiced medicine in America and South Africa, where he specializes in the treatment of metabolic diseases, especially diabetes.

Dr. Wuerth believes the body’s own regenerative power is a miraculous resource for healing and disease prevention. With potent defense properties and a near endless ability to renew and rejuvenate, it is the foundation of lasting health and genuine wellbeing.

Refining the ancient ritual of therapeutic fasting with state-of-the-art Western medical knowhow, Dr. Wuerth has helped numerous patients unleash their bodies’ regenerative power to cure illnesses and achieve ideal body weight - giving them a fresh start to life filled with joy and vitality.

Parallel to his medical practice in Switzerland, Dr. Wuerth founded FONDATION in 2012, under which he leads his coveted fasting retreats.  

A revolutionary take on inner body cleansing, nourishment and mindful eating, FONDATION offers a true path to health and longevity.