lasting health



Embedded in your innermost is a genetic intelligence which has evolved over millions of years. Universal to all living organisms, this intelligence holds the original image of the perfect you and instinctively knows how to return you to your perfection time and again.

Known by Hippocrates and Paracelsus as 'Archeus', your self-healing power is remarkably resilient against the test of time and accompanies you throughout your life.

Even when you have been living unhealthily or abusing your body for years, it knows how to reinvigorate your vital organs, calm your inflammation and rebalance your entire metabolic system to bring you back an agility filled with physical, mental and emotional happiness.



Disease lies dormant in everyone. What you experience as health is in fact a delicate equilibrium that is continuously being restored.

Like all living organisms, your body is under attack incessantly - not only from external bacteria and viruses but also from the faulty cells and free radicals it produces itself.

To maintain health, your body relies on a number of highly sophisticated defence mechanisms to detect and destroy its enemies.

Western medicine puts drugs in the centre of healing. In reality, no drug can work without your body’s own healing power.

Eating healthily, taking regular exercise, getting enough sleep, maintaining emotional balance and leading a way of life that is free of environmental toxins all help your body’s healing power stay fighting fit.

Short of this, you enrich the soil in which the seeds of disease and pre-mature ageing thrive.