modern traps



Modern living revolves around pleasure, convenience and abundance. These benefits, however, come a price. Too often, modern living breeds an attitude of ‘wanting it all’ which prompts excess in eating, working and doing:


  • Gluttony - eating too much, too often, too rich, too fast, too late
  • Consuming sugar, gluten, dairy, fried food, red meat, non-organic meat or farmed fish regularly
  • Drinking fruit juice, soda, soft drinks, energy drinks or artificially-sweetened beverages
  • Making convenient, processed, microwaved or takeaway food a significant part of your diet
  • Smoking, drinking or taking recreational drugs
  • Over reliance on health supplements, prescription or non-prescription medication
  • Constant dieting to keep your weight under control

Movement and sleep

  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle with minimal exercise outdoor
  • Going to bed after 23:00
  • Eroding the quality of your sleep with excessive use of computer, mobile device or television

Work-life balance

  • Subjecting yourself to chronic stress with little or no relief
  • Living on your own without emotional support from loved ones

With time, this leads to weight gain and undermines your body’s ability to regenerate itself.

Very few people know what real health is, because most are occupied with killing themselves slowly.
Albert von Szent-Györgyi Nagyrápolt, Ph.D.
hungarian-born american biochemist
winner of nobel prize in physiology or medicine
(1893 - 1986)