fasting as medicine



Fasting is a fundamental phenomenon of life. All animals know instinctively to fast when they are ill. When a deer is sick, it lays down under a tree and rests. When a baby does not feel well, it experiences thirst but has no appetite.

Why? Because the body needs all the energy it can summon for defense and recuperation.

While food must first be broken down and assimilated, sugar and fat deposits are ready-made fuel that can be drawn on immediately. Relieved from the burden of digestion, the body can fight off diseases, mend damaged cells and create new, healthy ones more rapidly.

Recognizing its power to trigger positive changes in the body, physicians have been prescribing fasting as a remedy since the dawn of medicine.

To eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.
Hippocrates of Kos
father of western medicine
(460 - 370 BC)