what happens after fasting?



The cumulative effect of deep cleansing, ketosis and rejuvenation is a sense of profound well-being.

By the fifth day of your fast at FONDATION, latest when you rise on the sixth day, you feel a burst of energy and agility as if you have been reborn.

You look younger and more attractive. Your back straightens. Your posture improves. You are slimmer around your waist, upper arms and thighs. Your face regains its natural contour. Your skin is visibly firmer. Your complexion glows. Your eyes sparkle.

Your bodily functions also pick up markedly. You see, smell and hear better. You breathe naturally and deeply. Your movements are quicker and more precise.

Mentally, you notice a surge in your cognitive capacity. You think faster and more clearly. Your mind and your body are peacefully in sync.

The hunger you used to have for food transforms into a passion for excellence, creativity and purpose.

Religious or not, many of our guests experience a sense of ‘spiritual enlightenment’ - an exquisite feeling of calmness that opens them to a higher space for intuition and personal growth. 

Happiness is not a goal... it's a by-product of a life well lived.
Eleanor Roosevelt
american politician, diplomat, activist
first lady of the united states of america
(1884 - 1962)